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Estate Sale Frequently
Asked Questions

  • What is an estate sale?
    An estate sale is the liquidation of large portions of content in a home or business. This is usually due to downsizing, moving, passing of a loved one, bankruptcies, or divorce. By choosing Legacy Estate Sales, we will make this process as smooth and stress free as possible.
  • Where do I begin?
    First, call us at (417) 684-0344 to schedule a free consultation. We will meet and do a walkthrough of your house to get an idea of your needs. If an estate sale is the best plan of action, we will give you an estimated timeline and begin the process.
  • How much does an estate sale cost?
    Nothing at first! Our commission is based on a percentage of total sales and is not taken until after the sale is finished. We charge an average of 35% to 50% in most cases. Each project is unique and we take many items into consideration including estimated sale volume, preparation time, and location.
  • How long does it take to set up and run an estate sale?
    The process of setting up and running an estate sale depends on each project and its individual needs. On average, the process is usually 1-2 weeks from setup to completion. Some projects may take longer, but we are prepared to get you through the process in as timely a manner as possible.
  • How do you price items?
    We have years of experience selling in the secondary market. Besides our own knowledge, we have a vast network of experts and appraisers in numerous fields available to us during the process to make sure your items are priced and represented well.
  • How do you keep our house safe?
    We know that your house is a valuable asset. Our primary goal is to keep your house protected from unnecessary damage while still maximizing the sale of your items. We will discuss the measures that need to be taken and ensure they are met during the sale. Measures can include covering the floors, ensuring large items are loaded properly, and whatever else is necessary to maintain the current state of your home.
  • What happens to everything that is left after a sale?
    In most cases, we will handle the clean out process for you. We will donate or dispose of any left-over items and leave you with an empty, swept clean home.
  • How do I find estate sales near me?
    We advertise on many different platforms to reach as many future estate sale buyers as possible. However, the easiest way to find Legacy Estate Sales is by clicking on this link:
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