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Moving or Downsizing

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How an Estate Sale Can Help Alleviate
the Stress of Moving or Downsizing

If you plan on selling your home to move or downsize, consider an estate sale with Legacy Estate Sales.


Instead of hiring a moving company or doing the backbreaking work of moving yourself, Legacy Estate Sales can sell your personal belongings in an estate sale and help take the stress and headache out of moving and downsizing. After your completed estate sale, you will have a cleared house and a considerable check in hand to help you purchase all new items to match the size and style of your new home. 


Legacy Estate Sales is a professional estate liquidation company based in Springfield, Mo., that services Springfield, Mo., and the surrounding area. Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who understand the complexities of estate sales. We have a passion for helping families and individuals in Springfield, Mo., and the surrounding area through the process of downsizing and estate liquidation.


Call Legacy Estate Sales today for a free consultation to see if an estate sale is right for you. 

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